ADN Letter: “Fears of Begich as spoiler overblown”

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Recently I have been hearing people say, “Mark Begich is going to split the vote, he’ll lose the election.” I disagree. I think the Republicans will split the vote and Mark Begich will win. Here’s how I think it will go down.

The major candidates in the race so far are: Mike Dunleavy, a very conservative Republican, Mead Treadwell, a little-left-of-conservative Republican, and Gov. Bill Walker, running as an independent in name only — in fact, Walker is a Republican. Mark Begich is a well-liked Democrat.

So, in the 2018 election, the final three will be either Dunleavy or Treadwell for the Republicans, Walker as an independent and Mark Begich as a Democrat. Dunleavy/Treadwell will take half the Republican vote along with some independents, Walker will take the other half of the Republican vote, along with some independents, and Mark Begich will take almost all the Democrat vote, along with some Republicans and some independents. The Republicans are going to split their vote; meanwhile, Mark Begich will take most of everything else.

Walker is a Republican at heart. He is socially conservative, anti-choice and anti-gay rights. His leadership efforts with the Legislature have fallen flat. And if you are thinking that Byron Mallott as lieutenant governor will be any influence, the bottom line is he’s not the governor, Walker is.
— John Sroufe