Daily News-Miner: “Begich for governor”

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To the editor: When a politician’s approval ratings drop below 40 percent, that’s a red flag warning. It’s also understood that, once voters turn against a politician, it’s very difficult to get them back.

Bill Walker is below 30 percent approval. Only one governor in the entire U.S. is less popular. But here’s what’s bizarre: He’s competing for votes with Mark Begich. Walker needs the votes of moderates and progressives. And yet he’s aligning himself with Donald Trump, Ryan Zinke and the far right Outdoor Council, promoting a host of extreme wildlife regulations on Alaska national parks and preserves. He is also cheering on the Sturgeon case, a legal battle that’s now in the U.S. Supreme Court that would allow ear-shattering hovercraft in national parks and is a threat to ANILCA and Native subsistence interests.

As Election Day approaches, moderates and progressives need to decide between Walker, a lifelong Republican, and Begich, a lifelong Democrat.

What I’m finding is that many friends don’t know Walker is anti-choice, they don’t know that Walker’s administration joined in a court battle against marriage equality, they don’t know Walker never stood up to the oil companies to pay their share, or his absolute fail on protecting Denali wildlife and, most of all, they don’t realize how off-the-bottom-of-the-chart Walker’s approval ratings are.

One of the most shocking things to come up is that between 2011 and 2018 Walker made a total of six contributions to other candidates, none to Democrats, and only one was a max $500 donation. Guess who that was to? Right-wing ideologue Mike Dunleavy. During that same time period, Begich made 90 contributions, all to Democrats.

Even in a two-way race, Walker is probably not electable, certainly not in a three-way.

Mark Begich’s approval rating is 50 percent. And because the extremist Mike Dunleavy also has low approval, Mark Begich does have a path to victory.

But this happens only if progressives and moderates get behind the candidate who’s actually progressive and the candidate who has a chance to win, Mark Begich.

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